Controlador KRAIN manejado por WiFi

K-Rain has transformed the robust, reliable, feature-packed Pro EX 2.0 into an intelligent, multi-tasking, productivity enhancing tool every contractor will want! Now with WiFi capability, the Pro EX 2.0 will change the way irrigation contractors, facility managers and municipal grounds superintendents manage irrigated properties.
This professional grade WiFi enabled controller offers all of the proven performance and ease of operation of the Pro EX 2.0 with the convenience of world-wide remote control through your smartphone, tablet or web browser. Easily and securely sync with homeowners’ or property managers’ WiFi, administer multiple accounts and increase productivity tenfold.
Employing the Pro EX 2.0 WiFi enabled controller offers a multitude of benefits:

Remote control of multiple accounts from anywhere, anytime
Manage accounts via smartphone, tablet or web browser
Streamlined installation/programming
Sensibly & easily manage water usage
Save water with Weather IQ™
Free iOS app
Free premium weather service